A future even better than today

Dear friends,

I entered the race for Hennepin County Commissioner because I'm excited about the future of our community, and about the role of our county government in building a future that we will be proud of, one that's more sustainable, more fair, and more prosperous for for more people. My commitment to that future is stronger than ever.

Yesterday we fell 204 votes short. I congratulate Anne Mavity and Marion Greene on their success, and I wish them luck in the election on May 13th.

The challenges before us remain the same. We still need to build a transportation future that's healthier for our people, our neighborhoods, and our planet. We still need to fight inequality and create opportunity for all young people, families, and workers in our community. And we still need to ensure that everyone in our community has an affordable place to call home.

I won't be joining the Hennepin County board, but I will continue to work on these challenges. And I want to work on them with you.

I offer my most sincere thanks to all of you who supported me, who braved the cold and the rain to join us out door-knocking, who helped us make thousands of phone calls, who donated their time, talent, and treasure to build this campaign. Thank you for your faith in me.

I'm still excited to work with you, in the months and years ahead, to build a future even better than today.

Thank you,


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